Rahul? Way cool.

I've only seen Rahul Bose in two things, but I like him a lot, and after listening to his interview on BBC Film Cafe, I think I might have a new FPMBF contender. He sounded really, really smart, and that's really, really attractive, even in the fake-pretend world. His riff about how his role in Pyaar Ke Side Effects as a chance for him to prove his acting chops and how fun it was to give serious thespian Mallika Sherawat makeup tips was so funny, and his discussion of the necessity (or not) of romantic love in life was...I dunno, just really interesting and and resonant and well-stated. [I can't remember if compound adjectives that start with "well" get a hyphen when they follow the noun, and my Chicago Manual of Style is at work, so you'll just have to forgive me.] I was also impressed with how he responded to Raj and Pablo's banter, which I often enjoy because 1) they pretty clearly love Bollywood and their enthusiasm is joyful and infectious and 2) they often get the interviewee to giggle along with them, but here they just sounded pathetic in comparison. Please note I don't think Raj and Pablo are pathetic; I just think they weren't quite ready for Rahul. Nor was I, so I totally empathize.


Whoopsydoodle! Typo corrected. And yeah, I don't want a Film Cafe infection, fun as the show is.
ggop said…
Rahul Bose is quite a cool guy. The first film I saw was Thakshak - he was so menacing as the volatile gangster. Without an iota of overacting..then came Mr. and Mrs. Iyer and now 15, Park Avenue (eh..underused in this one)
I don't think many roles are written with him in mind.

babasko said…
oh. rahul. sorry need to callenge your claim for second fpmbf. you don´t really want a pro-rugby player. do you?

have you read his blogposts on intentblog?

Al Nims Media said…
Rahul Bose is too decent for masala movies....his strength is off beat movies.
Maja said…
I love Film Cafe! I have this interview but I haven't had a chance to listen to it so far. I don't think I've seen Rahul Bose at all yet, hmm I'll have to do something about that.

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