I'm working on my post on Rangeela, but in the meantime...



Anonymous said…

I second that emotion.

ggop said…
Is this from Tanha Tanha?!
It sure is! As are his horrid clothes in the longer post. The clothes in this really are scarring, but there were just too many to go into. I will say, however, that the infamous speedo is not as bad as I was anticipating. Not that I want to see any more - especially now that we have this image to content with! I mean, to each their own, and maybe have your toe nibbled by Jackie Shroff is the ultimate in le hotness, but somehow I doubt it - and I don't want to find out any more. In my world, that's a quick way to a quick kick to the head, even if just because it would tickle.
Maja said…
omgwtfICK! o_O

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