KANK it ain't

This is not nearly as exciting as Totally Basmatic's on-set adventures, nor do I have my picture taken with the same caliber of star, but it's all I've got, so here you go. Here is a preview for Mongoose Production's Pagal Dil, the Bollywood-ish movie I was an extra in in June. At 00:43 is a snippet of the big dance number; I watched it three times and can't see myself anywhere (I'd be on the left side of the screen and am wearing a pink sweater and black skirt). My university quad looks pretty, though, and you get a peep at of my favorite lunch spots as well. You may notice that the movie title is translated as "crazy love." Is that right? Does "dil" ever mean "love"?

Aside: how many posts am I going to make with KANK in their title? I haven't even seen it. Geeze.


Anonymous said…
quad looks beautiful. when was this shot ? I've been in the campus all through the summer!
Maja said…
HA! That was one intriguing trailer. I love the guy with the giant fake mustache.
Sheetal said…
it looks good..i'm keen to see it :)
Hi UIUC anonymous person! This was in mid- or late June. ANd yes, the quad is purty!

The guy with the mustache is OF COURSE the villain! I think. There's a scene where he wears a red cape and a bunch of kids chase him around. It's pretty funny. The screening is November 25. I'll host a gala bash if anyone wants to come!
babasko said…
LOL looks like a real funny weird thing :-) i´d love to come to the gala-bash but i´m afraid i´ll have to send in video greetings due to date collisions..
Anonymous said…
Now that you've given me a name, I'll use it.

btw..in addition to Annapoorna and Rentertainment, there are a few bollyflicks in Urbana Free lib too. Judging by your voracious apetite for hindi films, I guess you would have already seen them!
Thanks UIUCA! I'm looking at the catalog and finding some Indian films I haven't seen - some I haven't even heard of! I love a good tip! And if you ever want to join in on movie night, you know where to find me.
Anonymous said…
They have lots of Indian movies..it just that they aren't cataloged properly. You might have to search for specific actors/actresses to see the whole gamut.
btw..when is the movie night ?
Oh, there's no set movie night. I meant, if you ever want to get together and watch movies, let me know. I can rustle up at least two other people. And will you be going to the garba/raas/bhangra thing at the Union? 'Cause I definitely am, even though I am a crap dancer.

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