catch you later, I'm kanked

So maybe TB was right, maybe "kanked" should mean "worn out" or "irritated": the one person I've talked to who has seen KANK dozed off in the theater. On opening night. In Mumbai. Which makes me far less interested in driving to Chicago next weekend to see it.


Movie Mazaa said…
If its a drive thats gonna take any more than 2 minutes, dont even think abt it, Beth. believe me, u wud be much better off being at home, watchign 36, china town over and over again.
Anonymous said…
as some one who just saw KANK... this film has everything right that went wrong in k3g..Karan surprises!
I say give it a's worth it.
Anonymous said…
I thoutht that the by the standards of typical hindi commercial films, the movie was fine.

However, it was too laborious and melodramatic towards the end and the grouse did not seem strong enough to justify an extra-marital affair.

I have tried to draw parellels with the teachings of Osho in my review in case interested.
Anonymous said…
I just saw KANK and you should see it, it is not the typical bollywood movie since it deals with infidelity but seeing BIG B talking dirty is definitely a motivation to see it and the movie also has the trailer of the upcoming Akshay Khanna/Priyanka Chopra movie.
DJ said…
I was KANKed yesterday, and I mean KANK as 'irritated' and 'worn out'!! I have never seen so much crying before, the tears could have washed out my whole house if they cried beside it.

However, I would still say you should at least watch it once, to see how can a combination of the biggest names of Bollywood would create such a KANKy (or KANKing) movie.

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