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Dear Times of India:

Thank you for the highly entertaining list of ten sexiest dancers in Bollywood. But please stop implying that Kareena Kapoor is fat. She's obviously incredibly fit, as are all the young women I've seen parading across India's screens. Because I want to avoid being strident or full of platitudes, I will just say this: believe it or not, when you say things like that, real damage can be done to women's mental and physical well-being (heck, maybe men's too, I don't know), and with every iteration by every media outlet, it gets worse, and I am unbelievably tired of seeing my sister-friends wounded by this sort of thing. So just knock it off.

And for the record, I have no quibble with your choice for number one. Well done.

Beth Loves Bollywood

Aside to Kareena: I really do. I love you. I may not always agree with you, and I may feel compelled to shine a bit of cold, hard light of "please stop screeching" on your performances here and there, but the love is there. For real.

Second aside to Kareena: I truly like Khushi.


Lidia said…
I applaud you Beth! Gosh, if Kareena is fat, what am I? I always think Kareena is really charasmatic when she dances, she seems to make a lot of the moves her own! I agree, the sexiest dancer was a good choice!
Al Nims Media said…
A Kareena fan...clap! clap! :)
Movie Mazaa said…
Ur letter?? Applause!! :)
Kareeena??? Boooo!! :(

NB: And just read somewhere that she has been accorded the Smita Patil award!! Gawd!!!!! Am sure Smita shud be tossing and turning in her grave! :(
Thanks everybody! And Velu, not to worry, I don't love her more than, say, Rani or Tabu, and the love is certainly not solely based on her performances. Ahem. As for her getting any kind of award, that does seem premataure, based on what I've seen. Although I've just ordered Yuva, so maybe that will help.

Amy - I love your picture!
t-HYPE said…
I'm still trying to figure out how Kareena got on that list! The times I've seen her dance, it looked like the choreography was dumbed down. I would definitely rank Aish higher. As far as acting, they're both about the same I think.

As far as weight, for God's sake, her man obviously likes a girl with a little meat on her bones. Haters be silenced! lol!
Sheetal said…
Hi Beth!

Way to go about the letter! It's funny that I have just come across this post, as I have just posted a feature story that was published a few months ago.

Here's the link (I'd love to read your comments!) http://sheetalmakhan.blogspot.com/2006/08/shaking-booty-in-bollywood.html

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