by geniuses for geniuses

Josh has informed me of bombay tv, a French website that lets you put subtitles on short clips of old Hindi films. This is quite possibly the most fun you can have online. Josh's creation involves replacing someone's coffee with Folger's crystals. Sure to upset many a happy home and a perfectly reasonable reason to exile your son, leave your new wife, etc.


dna said…
This might sound both like spam and a plug. It's not the first, but I will unashamedly admit it's the second:-)
in any case, since you seem to be a fan of bollywood, and (I am too, but) I indulge my mean gene every other day or so via bollywood, I thought you might enjoy visiting my blog:
Hey Beth, i have tried this out and it's so cool! Do let us Bollywood fans know any more such ubër cool fun stuff!

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