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Inspired by Accidental Fame Junkie's review of what is surely a genius film, I would like to add to the book series begun by an item featured in the film, Police Behaviour Manual for Hindi Film Climaxes. I'm not sure I'm up to a whole book on my own, but I'm bursting with ideas and would be happy to collaborate. Possibilities include:

  • Dos and Donts for Johny Lever
  • Love-Triangle Loser: How to Bow Out Gracefully
  • Handy Hints from Everybody's Favorite Mom: Reema Lagoo at Home
  • Salman Khan: The Unauthorized Biography
  • The Sari/Miniskirt Dilemma: A Guide for Independent, Familyphilic Ladki


Hey Beth, I would be happy to pitch in for a collaboration too!

Btw, thanks for linking me! :)
Let's do it!

And of course I would like to you - your blog is great! And likewise!
Hey Beth, need less to say, I liked your blog the moment I saw it! And of course you!
Obi Wan said…
Hi, first time visitor, through AFJ's site. Would like to enroll in your crusade for a coriander-free world! My Kingdom for such a world...
Sniff! Everyone is so nice! Let's hear it for the blogosphere - and new friends!
Hey obi wan - thanks for joining the league against coriander! We may be a minority, but we're cranky!
Vijayeta said…
A blog on Bollywood and it took me so long to discover it! But boy, am i glad i did! Another option for a manual:
PR Tips by Mallika Sherawat!
I'll definitely visit yr blog again...update quick!
And i love the kitchy colors too :D

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