Main Hoon Na revisited

It's been two months since I first saw this - I lent it to someone and jsut today got it back, and I ran home and put it in the DVD player right away - and I am delighted to find that it has only improved in every possible way. How can one little movie be this good? It makes us all wonder and believe in things like fairies.

And my dear fellow watchers, I need your help. Go here and tell me what SRK's necklace says. I never noticed this the first time I watched the movie, and SRK has set the the bar pretty high for great necklaces, as you may recall from Rahul's C-O-O-L piece in KKHH.


Anonymous said…
I can't help you out with the necklace, but have you figured out how to take screen captures? (I've been wanting to take some for my blog, but haven't had a chance to figure it out.)
Nazan said…
Hi, love your blog! I think that's something in Urdu but really can't help further. I can ask if you want :). Bye!
THanks! And thanks for reading! Yes, I'd love to know what that necklace is, if you can find out! Although if we do all this work, watch, it will just be a squiggle!
Anonymous said…
I think it says "Ishq"
Adeline said…
I love your comments on MHN!
I've just seen it and it's one of my favorite movies.
And I can confirm that the nacklace says "ishq" ﻋﺷﻕ

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