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Moucho Prema: 1970s Masala Mustache Quiz!

Just in the nick of time for Movember/Moucho Prema and inspired by the Bollywhat South Indian hero mustache game, here's a Hindi masala film mustache quiz! Each image below is a different Hindi film actor wearing a mustache from film(s) in the 1970s. If the image is a collage, it is of the same actor wearing different mustaches, sometimes in different films, sometimes not.  (Of course you can have more than one mustache in the same film. Where have you been?) Can you guess each one? All questions are worth 1 point each (with the number of the question below the image), and the bonus questions are worth a whopping 10 points each. The maximum score is thus 40 (20 + 10 + 10). Submit your numbered answers via email to bethlovesbollywood at gmail. The top point-getter wins a prize! Submit by noon on Saturday (GMT -6:00, i.e. US Central time), when I will publish the answers for the edification and delight of all.  Sorry the file sizes are so inconsistent! Ready? Go!

Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! Award: for the birds edition

Inspired by "Kabootari Bole Kabootar Se" from Suraj , I put heads together with Gunmaster  G9 and the Buddha Smiled to come up with more songs about or featuring pigeons. As someone who grew up in a small town without any sort of "flying rats"—and a lover of Sesame Street , in which of course Bert is very fond of pigeons—I have never harbored any ill-will towards these jolly-looking, cooing birds, and I enjoy their fluffy, doted-on, and sometimes helpful or venegeful presence in Bollywood songs. "Masakali" from Delhi 6 "Lucky Kabootar" from Daag "Kabootar Aaja Aaja Re" from Mangla "Dil Junglee Kabootar" from Qahar "Gutur Gutur/Chad Gaya Upar Re" from Dalaal <p><p><p><p&a

holy great ghosts and all that is good

Given my recent investigation into skeleton suits in Hindi films , how did I never find this incredibly fantastic song that seems to be more full of skeleton suits than the rest of Hindi cinema put together? "Rajni Hai Mera Naam" from Aafat   I apologize for the breathless, rushed tone of this post but I had to share this RIGHT AWAY, and really what is there to say about it that is more communicative of its greatness than the song itself? A million billion thank-yous to Jenni (she of the Filmi Snake Spotter's Field Guide , used in interpretation here ) for this clip.


Phaansi features Shashi Kapoor circa 1978 at the height of his...I was going to say "powers" but really it's his lovely curls and big eyelashes. Even when costumed insanely. Head-to-toe peach is not acceptable on anyone, not even Shashi Kapoor. He plays a sort of character I haven't seen him do before: a sort of heroic lone gunman who growls, sweats, and shoots more than he grins and woos. Not that there's anything wrong with that Raju is a just barely inside-the-law police officer on a mission to take down a gang of dacoits led by Tilak Singh (Ranjeet), who killed his father (Iftekhar) and sister. Raju eventually gets backup from some other officers but it's mostly him stalking the gang members, aided by reformed legendary daku Himmat Singh (Pran) and thwarted by completely creepy informant and perv Lala (Jeevan, sounding even more ridiculous than he usually does—is that nasal tone his actual voice?). It's not a happy movie,