research question #6: seeking Shahrukh Khan fan art

My friend Aradhana, a production designer in Indian and American films, is doing a project on Shahrukh Khan fan art and is seeking submissions for her research. She welcomes anything that isn't an actual photograph - drawings, graphic art, paintings, etc. Please email her here to submit your handiwork and include your name (not just your email address) and where you live.

Maybe I should do something in the style of my wedding portrait....


Anjana said…
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Anjana said…

commented on the previous post (johnny gaddar). i also took the pains to go thru ur post on 'ajooba', because i remember some of it from when i was a kid. my brother insisted on watching the movie over and over and over and over again when he was little, and so traces of 'chadhoom chadhoom' type sequences have been left in the ol' memory :)

nice place.....!!!

Beth said…
Anjana - Aw thanks! :) Your memories of Ajooba make me smile - I can easily imagine that movie being a lot of fun for kids, with all the crazy stuff going on in it.
Love the wedding portrait! I foudn a rather aarming SRK fan art site that I did a post on here in case your friend hasn't already seen it:

I may have to do some original art myself to help your friend with that project.
All the best!
Opps, I failed to hit the keys correctly there in that last comment. I meant alarming vs. "aarming" and found vs. foudn.

All the best!