the adventures of Mini Khan, phase 2

He's well-rested after his vacation in Vienna, and the future is so bright: soon he is off to Switzerland and France, lucky thing, and then back to Vienna for a Top Secret Project That May or May Not Involve This Jacket, Nigeria, India, and Japan as promised. Adventures will be on his official page as usual.

Too bad he can't be trusted to go to the Kunsthistorisches Museum with Umananda, Babasko, and me this afternoon. All he would care about is art for his vault, and, while I adore him and generally enjoy being part of his hijinks, my museumista self cannot abet art theft. He can stay home with the Sacher torte.


Banno said…
Love the photo, Beth. When's Mini Khan coming to India?
The plan, such that it is, is for him to go to India in June or so, I think. He is going to be hosted by the wonderful photographer at HOWEVER, he can certainly visit more than one person, so if you know anyone who would like to hang with him for a week or so, either in India or elsewhere.... Hint hint.
Banno said…
Oh, he'd be most welcome. At my place.
Fabulous! He will come your way. Email me at bethlovesbollywood at gmail to let me know if there's a good time, where to send him, etc. Yay!!!!

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