GUNMASTER G9! special audio post with the Cultural Gutter

We're late to Mithun Month (IST?) but now that we're here, we're armed with ONE WHOLE HOUR of podcast goodness on not one, not two, but THREE Mithun films: Surakksha (1979), Wardaat (1981), and Guru (1989).

(Or download here.)

Additionally, I did a podcast with Sujoy over at One Knight Stands about the equally fantastic Mithun film Karate (previously written up for a guest post at Die Danger Die Die Kill here). Click here to listen. Warning: you WILL get the film's ├╝ber-repetitive theme song stuck in your head.


Miranda said…
Aww, this was a hoot! Thanks to both of you for the smiles, and the food for thought (Green Revolution, who knew?! Love it.)

As far as I have been able to tell, Sridevi and Mithun only were paired as leads 4 times. . . which is a shame, because I like how they compliment each other in physical comedy and dance styles (in Waqt ki Awaz) or even their shared gravitas in something arty and serious (Jaag Utha Insaan).
Chris said…
My partner says she was in Mithun Chakraborty film called Rukhsat. She grew up in Ooty in the eighties (her parents taught at a missionary school). Her mum's in it as well. If you see it, keep an eye out for a fourteen year-old Anglo teen with an Australian accent and her (probably vaguely hippie) mum...
Miranda - Carol was totally on it! I was just giggling. And what I want to know is if they ACTUALLY got married or if that's just awesome gossip.

Chris - Oh how fun!

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