Farooq Shaikh (part 1 of 2, probably)

Dipti Naval's face says more than I ever could about Farooq Shaikh (though I will give it a try over the weekend). 
From The Indian Express (photo by Amit Chakrvarty).
And like so many of the great Hindi film actors, just when I thought I understood his filmography, I stumbled across Peechha Karo, in which he disco-dances in a glittering jumpsuit. 
Not the quintessential Farooq Shaikh imagery, to be sure, but for right now, my dil needs some balloons.


Deepti Sharma said…
Peecha Karo: Is this the film in which Farooq Shaikh romances two sisters, married to one and having a clandestine (and since this was the 80s, non-sexual) romance with the other?
I don't think so, but I honestly don't remember. According to imdb plot info from users, no. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0374117/reviews?ref_=tt_ov_rt

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