Jab Tak Hai Jaan

I would like those 897 hours of my life back, please. In case you want to spend a little more time with it, I tweeted while watching it with Amrita and then collected those thoughts on Storify here. Warning: in case you couldn't tell from the first sentence of this post, we are not nice. 


Anonymous said…
Despite my great love for SRK (and I do not mind Katrina, just not this jodi) this movie was a disaster for me. Glad to know I am not the only one to dislike this hideous 90's wannabe movie. The movie was just dull, uninteresting, and severely lacking in originality and chemistry.
Oh definitely. It had some good elements smothered under all the awful, and I like what it did with female characters - a heroine's piety was actually a problem as opposed to a virtue, and there was no slut-shaming, as my viewing partner says, which is a huge achievement/statement to make. But the acting and the dialogues and the UGH UGH UGH. I think I'm actually more upset about Anushka because I have found her competent elsewhere, even good in Band Baja Barat, but her character and her portrayal here were so grating. I don't expect anything at all of Katrina and boy did she nail that.
Tobi said…
There's an episode of Friends where Joey's audition feedback is that he's not believable as a human being. That's how I feel about Katrina Kaif.
Tobi - you are my new favorite person. MWAH!
Tobi said…
Aw shucks, thank u! Sadly for me, this is the only insight I've had. Ever. About anything. :)
Vinita Solanki said…
Movie is good but being yash uncle's last bollywood movie, expectations were more and didn't get 50% of that. SRK was good as usual but not as par his old movies, Katrina's acting has improved a lot though not perfect. At the end, I'll say, not bad deal to watch once.

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