the Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit investigates Hindi cinema

You may have noticed a new link in the sidebar to a site called the Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit. If you're into poppy, sometimes monster-y, other times spy-y, always silly goodness, you will probably love reading (and listening to!) the works of my fellow MOSS agents (who include long-time friends Memsaab, Die Danger Die Die Kill, the Horror, and Teleport City). Our October mission—should we choose to accept it, and we probably do—is to investigate our namesake motif: that classic cinematic costume staple, the skeleton suit.

To my knowledge, there are very few skeleton suits to be found in Bollywood. I can think of only three: Pran and some of his friends in Karz,
one of the countless low-budget monsters in Shaitani Dracula, a movie so bizarre and terrible that you kind of have to see it to believe it, or if you are concerned for your mental well-being just read all about on Teleport City because therein Keith delivers one of the funniest pieces of writing of the decade,
and the jiving crew in the superb "Main Bhookha" from Bhoot Bungla, which Memsaab has written up with her usual aplomb.

However, given my love for villain lairs and 70s and early 80s masala (and its descendants), I have seen many skeletons and skulls as prominent decor or visual motifs.
 the original Jaani Dushman
Teesri Aankh
Mr. India (both above)
Ajooba (look on the wall of rocks for two skeletons and the big stone skull)

I also like these computer-generated skeletons in Naag Lok. They rise out of graves, bounce up and down (maybe they were backup dancers back in their day?), and whoosh towards the camera.

By leaps and bounds, the most enjoyable Bollywood skeleton I have ever seen is in Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani. I mean, look:
Is that not amazing? It has SLEEVES. For a video clip, click here. And if you've never seen this film, I would actually recommend reading my friend Steve's writeup of it (you remember Steve—he wrote Army of Monkeys) instead because the film is dreadful.

What skeletons have you found hidden in the dark recesses of the filmi world? Share in the comments!


Anonymous said…
You came up with lots of skeletons! Thanks for representing Bollywood in Skeleton Suit Month :)
Jack said…
Great information ! Thanks for sharing ! I really enjoyed reading of your post from starting to end. Would love to share it my friends as well..

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Admin said…
thanks for sharing your info. now we can buy some skeleton suits.

Sig: Andrew | littman steth
lol skeliton suites. hollywood is making skeliton through graphics but they are wearing costumes lol

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