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Finally! I did a down-and-dirty solo episode for the Masala Zindabad podcast about my experiences at the IIFAs in Toronto. The sound file is here and is less than half an hour long. And if you want to see a few of my photos, they're in the post on the podcast blog that accompanies this episode. As you will see, my seat at the awards show was really, really far from the stage, so most of my pictures of that event are of the screens on either side of the stage. (Which, very irritatingly, were oval-shaped, thereby not providing the maximum viewing area for their height and width.) The IIFA website has a photo album here. It includes this one.

Image courtesy of IIFA.

That pocket square kills me (in a good way).

Minikhan also came along to the IIFAs, but all he seemed interested in was food like these Canadian candy bars,

my breakfast latte,

and our drinks at Café Diplomatico in Little Italy.

He also fell into the hands of some of the other bloggers, so keep an eye out for photos of his shenanigans elsewhere.


Amaluu said…
Mmmm Aero bars!
You know, I thought that dark chocolate Aero would be delicious, but it was awful! The regular one was good though.
Re. your coffee: Canada loves you!
Unknown said…

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