youtube spelunking: Rekha + Olivia Newton John

Not really. But it might as well be. Temple has turned up this 80s trend-tastic number, featuring disco, jazzercise (note her legwarmers!), and breakdancing. Oh yes.

"Jaan Ka Dushman" from Jaal (Umesh Mehra, 1986)

"Fantastic!" I thought. "I wonder what other treasures 'Rekha + Anu Malik' will yield!" That is where I should have quit - while I was ahead. Behold:

"Eiffel Tower" from Bachke Rehna Re Baba (Govind Menon, 2005)
There aren't many juicy roles for women over 50, especially ones that aren't maa/dadimaa-centered. I get it. I do. But Rekha-ji, you are better than this.


Pooja said…
This puts those Bollywood exercise videos to shame!
memsaab said…
She's got power all right, the power that comes from drinking babies' blood!!!!! How does the woman not age?
Aparna said…
Beth you entire entertainment for this month has been to visit your blog to reap the benefits of your youtube spelunking.

Pooja - Take THAT, Bipasha!

memsaab - It's pretty amazing, even if the song is pretty horrifying :)

Aparna - Yay! :) It's been so fun! I'm running out of ideas, though - "Rekha + Govinda" yielded nothing of interest and I am quite discouraged.

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