Rekha Month!

That's right: a whole month devoted to the ever-fabulous Rekha, inspired by Sujoy at One Knight Stands. The fun starts Friday and continues all through October! I'll be writing up (at least) Khubsoorat, Nagin, and omigod Khoon Bhari Maang! And, if I have any mental energy left, trying to get my brain around the song from Janbaaz.


2020 said…
Who can top that video, Beth? Psyched for Rekhatober.
Suresh S said…
Other possible Rekha flicks you could check out (sorry if you've already done these):

Umrao Jaan

Biwi ho to aisi
Phool bane angaarey
Aastha in the prison of spring (some people think it's good but I think it's just delightfully campy)
Khiladiyon ka khiladi
SVH - Hahaha exactly! :) Please do contribute yourself as well - tweets, blog posts, videos, poems, collages, etc - all forms welcome :)

Suresh - I've seen Umrao Jaan, Ijaazat, and Silsila and thought she was good in all of them, and I'm really looking forward to the campy ones, of which I have seen NONE. Hurrah - so many good things to see! :)
Koci said…
Quoi?! An entire month devoted to the fabulosity that is Rekha? Excellent! Can't wait to see what all's in store!
Suresh S said…
You'll much like Khiladiyon ka Khiladi, methinks. Mme. Re plays the owner of a wrestling team and romances with Akshay Kumar in a shower song. Hurrah for the older woman, wot? :D
Banno said…
Someone should do an review of the interview with Rekha on the Simi Garewal show. 2 actually, in a 20 year span, I think. Surpasses all her other performances. And the looks of shock on Simi's face are priceless.
Sujoy said…
I am as ususal not limiting myself to any movie, but yes, I will have my take on Khubsoorat. OMG, I need to finish my months old drafts.
Lets go for Rekha month. What should be the twitter hashtag?
Sharmi Adhikary said…
Do watch Ijaazat. it's lovely :)
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2020 said…
I am impressed, Beth. Judging by the previous commenter your blog is valuable research in the quest to seduce women!
Thanks so much for the posts!
Koci - I know, right?!? It will be so amazing! Maybe we can tempt you to post too! :) I hope to do some in-depth youtube spelunking for this one, believe you me - I just know there are amazing gems out there and Imma find 'em!

Suresh - I have seen THE SONG from that film several times :) Wot wot!

Banno - Oooh! I'll look for it! I've never seen anything from that show.

Sujoy - October sneaked up on us, didn't it!

Sharmi - I've seen it but didn't love it.

SVH - Amazing all the things films can inspire, no? :)
Temple said…
Heather and I will be taking a look at an early film in Rekha's career. We can't wait to see what you make of KBM Beth! t is after all, "inspired" by a trashy Aussie mini-series. How can you resist? (oooh - the verification word is clutty. That sounds slightly dubious to me. Perfect for Rekhtober!)
Asli Jat said…
As part of your 'Rekha Month!' celebrations you may be interested in an interview she did with the BBC Asian Network from back in the early '90's.

If I remember she had come over to the UK for the launch of the international version of 'Cine Blitz' magazine. She visited Southall for the launch & since I didn't live too far (Hounslow) I also went along. Unfortunately, due to the large crowds I only got a pic of her back as she entered the ABC Music shop ! However I did get an authographed copy of that 1st issue which I still have.

I had shared this interview earlier with Mister Naidu who kindly posted it on his site :

Hope you enjoy it ...

Asli Jat
2020 said…
Oooookay... here's my modest contribution:

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