Neetu Singh-Along!

Remember back in July when we announced that Neetu Singh Appreciation Week, aka Neetu Singh-Along, was coming on September 13?

Well here it is! Starting Monday, a whole week of posts and other projects celebrating this sparky, earthy, wonderful actor. As usual, I'll gather posts on delicious here. Share your posts and the Neetu pyaar by emailing me or tweeting with the hashtag #neetusquee.



bollyviewer said…
Is it here already?! NAHIIIN!!!! I'm not ready yet (so what's new?)! So much Neetu-gushing I need to do, but life and work are getting in the way. :( Perhaps Neetu-week can answer one question that has been bugging me forever - WHY is she always so under-utilised in her films? Surely she deserved a Seeta Aur Geeta of her own?
Sharmi Adhikary said…
Will be watching out for your posts. :)

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