less filmi, more Friday

Look. I've had a really long week (as it seems many people have - what in particular is going on in the universe to make us all so tired?) and there is no time or energy for watching, let alone writing about, any films. Very sad. But you know what is not sad? And is in fact glorious despite its lack of any real reason for me to include it on this blog? This.

Why, how do you do, Friday date?


katherine said…
HOLY CROW, I think my heart just skipped several beats watching that.

And the reason to include it on your blog is that it reveals so much about Rahul Khanna...that can help...inform...your analysis..of his...

Oh forget it -- it's simply fabulous. And I want to know how I can get my hands on an actual copy of that issue.
Those are my sentiments/thoughts/cravings exactly. :) I mean, he looks devastatingly handsome in a suit with sandals, a feat I previously thought absolutely impossible. SWOOOOOONTHUD < fell over >
katherine said…
And it begs the question: why is this man not more of a massive box-office hearthrob?

(I suspect the answer is that he's for the thinking types, and that's a smaller demographic. But seriously. How gorgeous is he? And funny?)
He looks great, i love the styling especially the khaki suit with the Polka dot tie
Suresh S said…
The only movies I've seen Rahul Khanna in are 1947 Earth and Bollywood/Hollywood, and he came across as an annoying supercilious twa...er...person there. But then I also didn't care much for those films on the whole, especially B/H which made me want to murder everyone associated with the production with its ham-fisted snobby spoof on Bollywood masala cinema.
cmleigh said…
All I can say is Rahul Khanna is adorable. I <3 his sense of humor, tweet, style and acting.
Unknown said…
The little curl of hair around his ear?
I die from adorable overload.
Amrita said…
Ahem. Someday I will find a copy of that ad he did with Sushma Reddy in which he lounged around in white linen pants on a bed with sunlight filtering through the blinds and then you will thank me very much.
Banno said…
Nice! Everyone who's worked hard all week, deserves this. :)
Dhruvi S said…
Yes, I suppose the answer is, because he's Rahul Khanna. :) It always makes for interesting blog posts.
memsaab said…
Who needs any reason for THIS? We should just be grateful that it (and he) exists :)
Anonymous said…
Aww Rahul is cute.

Speaking of older Khanna.

Did you guys see this picture of Vinod at the Dabaang Bash. Wish he would chop of his mustache and color that hair of his. :)

bollywooddeewana - Doesn't he? I love all the ties too.

Suresh - Oooh I liked him in both those films, but overall I generally prefer more mainstream things. I saw B/H early on and don't remember it well except for the cute "Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu" number and Akshaye's cameo :)

cmeleigh - Ditto!

Erin - Hadn't noticed that so I had to watch the video again. You know, for SCIENCE.

Amrita - YES PLS. And see if you can find this GQ while you're at it, since neither Katherine nor I can (despite library degrees! shame!).

Banno and memsaab - YES.

Dhruvi - :)

Anon - I hadn't seen that one! Quite the ensemble he has on, eh? He looked great in 99 last year, but I haven't seen Wanted or Dabangg to check in more recently.

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