Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! Award: deep-fried edition

Update to post (June 6, 2013): All of these songs are now collected in a youtube playlist here.

My friend (and author of wonderful books for both kids and adults) Pooja Makhijani sent me this song about snacks so good that they cause you to take flight.

("Batata Vada," Hifazat 1987)To mark the weekend treats that lie ahead, what are your favorite food-related songs? If they happen to feature giant prop versions of the food in question, so much the better. The only others I can think of are by Bappi Lahiri: "Aagaya Aagaya Halwa Wallah" from the execrable Dance Dance

Hella halwa at 1:55!
and "You Are My Chicken Fry" from Rock Dancer

(discussed brilliantly and hilariously here in October Zine) (I can't find the original visuals anywhere! Bah!)

Sorry for the lack of regular posts. Work has been incredibly busy lately, and I'll have houseguests for the next week or so, and while they like Hindi films they probably don't like me disappearing down the rabbit hole of writing for hours at a time. I am, however, working ahead for more Quid Pro Quo posts, Sridevipalooza (August 13-20), Neetu Singh-Along (September 13-20), and Rekha Week (October 4-10). For you planners, there's also talk of Deol Dhamaka for December. I've been promised the graphic for that will be Dharmendra punching the viewer in the face. Dishoom!


Banno said…
You had me grinning in the morning. I'd forgotten all about the batata vadas, halwa wala, and chicken fry.
Yay! That was my hope :) I am dying to see the real dance moves that go with "Chicken Fry."
Wah ji Wah from Duplicate :)
jjake said…
How about a Tamil song. This is from Kanthaswamy Starring Vikram
Idhellum Dupe (It's about Pizza)
myrna_nora said…
"Chicken Fry" is my favorite song, today! :D
Filmi Geek said…
I love that chicken fry song.

Here's a chili pepper song from Ashanti:
Anonymous said…
Jab Tak Rahega Samosa Mein Aloo
from Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi staring Juhi Chawla and Akshay Kumar.
Rofl- what a fun start to the weekend! thanks!
Anarchivist said…
Ha ha ha! Check it out here:
Anarchivist said…
Watching the video again, I see they're doing kind of a "chicken dance" at one point...
A2line said…
Hello Beth,

You’ve been tagged !
SOOOO many fun suggestions! Here's another from Temple (with Chiranjeevi, of course):
And yet another from our friends in Melbourne: Saganaveedhullo from Deesodharakudu featuring dancing in a staggering number and sizes of bottles of Thums Up and Gold Spot:

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