Shameful Something-or-Other Week: Pyaar Karke Dekho

Shame #1: my writeup of this movie is woefully overdue. I completely missed Chichi Week!
Shame #2: even reading Chichi Week posts has not given me Chichi-itis. I might be immune. But that does not stop me from enjoying all the crazy songs in this movie. My writeup, while meant to evoke the film rather than cover or investigate it comprehensively, does not do any sort of justice to the glittery, spandex-y, silly, all-out fun that is "It's My Challenge" (previously blogged here), "Pyaar ki Komal," or even "Kismat Achhee" and they must be watched!
Shame #3: I like LOLcats. I like them very much. I hate SMS spelling and grammar generally, but if they're coupled with a fluffy kitten, somehow I can overlook them. A conversation with alert reader Temple reminded me how much fun I had doing a LOLcat review of Duniya Meri Jeb Mein, so I thought I'd do another - and since all I would do in writing about this film is say that the songs are fun and then point out some of the sartorial atrocities, why not let the pictures do the talking?


Anonymous said…
OMG, OMG LOLz! U pwnd w th$ thing yo! me was so rofl'in.
Ness said…
This is one of my FAVOURITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME and I really do not understand LOLcats, so...uh...this is weird for me.

But I laughed at the reference to TotallyFilmi and Ness love. We are kind of...excessive.
katherine said…
I have long suspected that you are totally immune to Govinda's charms, but you're such a good sport about it all.

And I will admit -- sometimes Govinda's talent and charm get lost in films that leave a lot to be desired, and which demand much patience and forgiveness some days. I'm willing to put in the effort with him, because sometimes there's an actual payoff (QV, Salaam-e-Ishq or Hatya).

OTOH, I seem to be immune to Shashi's charms thus far, so what does it all say about *me*?

Amaluu said…
dishoomdishoom - Yay! Glad you liked :) They're really fun to do, and it's hard to resist the urge to do them more often.

Ness - WHAT? IT IS? Okay that really baffles me. I saw you had written about it but I haven't read it because I wanted to write with only m own opinions in mind, for whatever reason. I will go read. But I gotta say, it took me four tries to get through this and I kept thinking how absolutely blank it was - I'd say it was the Seinfeld of 80s films ("It's about nothing!") but I don't want to besmirch Seinfeld. As I was watching, I thought "Dear god, let SOMETHING happen" and then it went all dramatic and serious and I was not pleased with that either. If they had stuck with just the dance competition-based drama, I would have liked it more. But still not really liked it. For me, this is absolutely a songs-only film.

I will say that I thought Govinda did well with what he was given. None of my problems with this have anything to do with him. Mandakini, though...yerch.

k - Well really, what's not to be a good sport about? He's fun and he both benefited fr9m and was harmed by being in an era with aesthetically questionable songs and costumes! I get THAT. :)

And I was completely impressed by him in Salaam-e-Ishq - absolutely wonderful. So I'm not blind, at least.

Amaluu - :)
memsaab said…
Ha ha ha!!!!! I am so glad you did this so I know to avoid it :D Not that I wouldn't anyway since I am immune to Chichi myself. (He should never be allowed to appear on film without a shirt on BTW.)
Anonymous said…
Beth, I agree! I did something very similar for a horrible Pakistani movie. Complete with a GIF and everything! It was such fun when im done with it, but its so much work :P Atleast it was for me :P
Robin said…
Priceless!!! you rock Beth!
Rum said…
OHH MY GODDD! BETH I was falling on the floor from laughter, I love this film because of the role reversal of stalker-pyar because its Mandakini that rifts through Chichi's clothes and sniffs them! And thats good enough for me! And of course ITS MY CHALLENGE!
Memsaab - We can form our own little club! There is no reason for you to watch this, though I do think you'd enjoy the songs I linked to if you can tolerate Govinda while dancing.

dishoomdishoom - You did?!?! Where? Link pleeeeeeease! :)

Robin - Thank yooo! It was a hoot to do.

Rum - Hurrah! That is exactly what I hoped for. I do think the flip of the gender in the stalking is interesting, and I left an extensive comment about that on Ness's post, since she brought up interesting issues about gender and sexual politics in the film (much like you and Carla writing on your post on Neal N Nikki!).
Anonymous said…
Haha, oho! Didn't want to be all narcissistic or something.. haha, but here you go

Filmi Geek said…
I am so impressed, this post must have taken an eternity to prepare!
Koci said…
ROFL!!! This was hilarious!
Unknown said…
Love this post!!! I expected nothing less !! :)

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