Khanna-o-Rama teaser

My friend and, it must be said, shameless enabler Samrat* sent me a selection of song picturizations to gear up for Khanna-o-Rama; as usual, upon receipt of said gifts, I knew the right thing to do was share them.

Beta the Younger
Gleeful, splashy, dost-filled "Tarum Pum Tarum Pum" from Doli Saja Ke Rakhna (which I will be reviewing next week). This film is another example of great songs indicating nothing about the movie itself, but A. R. Rahman's music and its picturizations are really fun (e.g. Amrish Puri, who is not evil, does a drunken hornpipe). How can you not love the raincoats at 1:30, the fleet of umbrellas at 1:50, and the totally superfluous fashion show at 2:25?

Beta the Elder
I'd like this song no matter who was in it simply because it is filmed in Toronto, my adopted hometown, and it is both a little bit of a parody of Bollywood songs (look for the intro text that says "Romantic couple song: 'Just now we are falling in love'") while being visually very un-filmi. If you follow Rahul Khanna's tweets, you will know he has recently taken on a decidedly more metrosexual look than he has in this film, but he pulls of "sweet normal guy" really well in this song. The Khanna family magic big brown eyes make it even better.

Hot Papa Khanna
First, the hilarious "Chahiye Thoda Pyaar" from Lahu Ke Do Rang.

Vinod Khanna and Shabana Azmi are one of those screen pairs that makes me go "...?..." when I read the cast list, but every time I've seen them together (Parvarish, Amar Akbar Anthony, Chor Sipahee, and this song), they work well. This song also demonstrates several important principles. 1) For safety's sake, you should never travel outside the range of Vinod's motorcycle. 2) If you are going to wear very tight white bellbottoms, you had better be Vinod Khanna. 3) It is really awesome when movie stars who are very clearly and/or notably good at one thing, like looking intense and menacing, are also good at doing something very different, like being a total goofball with a jaunty cap. (And here is a cute drunk song from the same film, featuring Vinod, a posh hotel, and a tiger-skin rug. Or if you want something sort of artier, here is Shabana Azmi doing very un-Shabana-Azmi-like things, though also involving a tiger skin.) (Clearly I need to just see this whole movie.)

Second, there is "Bachna Rajaji Dekh Ke Shahzada" from Jail Yatra (source of this Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha award-winning song), which is adorable. I have no idea how what's going on connects to the film, but it's adorable enough that it has gone to the top of my "to watch" queue. In addition to vehicular antics, enjoy the dashing scarf at around 4:00.

It's very seldom that I read youtube user comments, but for some reason I did for this link, and I'm so glad, because someone has summed up a profound point very well. To quote: "vinod khanna was so handsome in this movie. i hope men look handsome as he is." Oh youtube user, we all hope that. And world peace.

Khanna-o-Rama is going to be fantastic! Check the previous post (including comments) for more participants. Squeee!

* He also sent me a few others in commemoration of World Dance Day: some Jewel Thief, some Devdas, and some Tere Mere Sapne. (Note to self: plan ahead for that next year! Cha cha cha, bahut accha, indeed!)


Anonymous said…
Vell done. Kya nice selection here, and like the youtube commentor, "i hope men look handsome as he is."
All the best!
Ness said…
Awwww. "I hope men look handsome as he is".

I have never wished for something so fervently.
Ava said…
Just yesterday I caught up with 1947 Earth. Mean Ice Candy man. I loved Hasan.

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