Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! two-for-one holiday weekend edition

I had originally planned to just share this fab clip from Humjoli that Sita-ji showed me because it demonstrates exactly why Mumtaz and Jeetendra are among the top five actors in my "people I want to know more about" list - the costumes! the twisting! all the circles in the set! -

V Love Movies has already agreed to go with me as this song for Halloween, so do be on the lookout for pictures of that in October.

but then alert reader Temple sent me this gem from Nagin and I couldn't not share it. You understand.

What I like about this is not its style or spectacle or scope but rather its everydayness. We, friends, could make this song. All those spazzy and mild moves are about how I dance - either too much or too little - and those outfits are no doubt what would have been in my closet had I been 25 in 1976. It also has snippets of Aruna Irani, and I have a very hard time not liking anything she does.

The great state of Illinois (new motto: no pensions for you!) does not give us a holiday today or Monday, so I may have to restrict my dance-along-ing to just one. I'm going with Mumtaz, simply because I know it will take me months to make that costume and learn those moves for Halloween and I really ought to start now.


Anonymous said…
No pensions for you! Bloody servant! Now I feel the need to help your day even more with even more enjoyable images from Humjoli:
Now I have to do a post on this film. Ah the pressure!
All the best!
You mean there are folks out there who DO get Good Friday and the following Monday off???

clearly I join u in the slave/servant category.

And while I shall not dance, or make a costume, you are inspiring and I am properly motivated watch a movie tonight :)
bollyviewer said…
Ummm... arent you supposed to have a scary costume on Halloween? Only Leena's costume qualifies as that - in fact just those gloves, teamed with any costume of your choice, would do!

Shweta, servants of the Canadian Federal Govt do get Good Friday AND Easter Monday off - the rest of us garden-variety slaves have to make do with just Good Friday (and I dont remember getting even that in USA).
Asli Jat said…
Hi Beth,

You say you want to know more about Mumtaz, then here's another plug for 'Bombay Superstar' - it also features some Mumtaz interviews.

Who knows, if you watch it you may end up liking the actual star of it (& my favourite actor) , Rajesh Khanna !

One can only hope ...


Asli Jat
sophy said…
Jeetu has been growing on me ever since I saw him in Caravan (which I just learned is an Urdu word pronounced kaarvan). He managed to sneak in his trademark white shoes here past the good taste censors. And he's always having a good time when he dances.

Sitaji, I'm waiting for your Humjoli review. The Om Shanti Om badminton scene was lots of fun!
Filmi Girl said…
I love Mumtaz but Jeetendra is one of the stiffest 70s heroes out there! He's not as bad as like Biswajeet or as pompous as Rajesh Khanna but I don't seek movies out with him in them, either.

You'll definitely like Caravan if you haven't seen it yet but otherwise... I don't know, chica.
Ahh the joys of Humjoli, i love that film and Farah Khan borrowed a lot of it for Om Shanti Om i wrote it up a while ago

The second song you posted is from the fab Nagin you simply have to watch it, its got Jeetendra in it as well, briefly though as he gets killed off
harvey said…
What lovely songs!
It reminds me of my chayya geet days!
Mumtaz is surely on my list of want to know more!
How could she dance with those high heels/stiletos (?) on?

Thanks for the videos!

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