Shashi Week 2010

It's that time of year again!

Starting Monday, March 15, I will do one Shashi-related post a day for a week in honor of his 72nd birthday (March 18). Like last year, any like-minded citizens of, or occasional visitors to, Shashi Pradesh are invited to join in with whatever Shashi-related projects strike their fancy! Special requests and creative challenges are also very welcome.


bollyviewer said…
Hear! Hear!! I am in, and will try to get one post per day, too. :-)

Creative challenge? How about writing an acceptance speech for his filmfare award - a speech that he wasnt able to give? One that references as many of his famous films as possible (except Deewar)?! ;-)
gebruss said…
I am in, though I won't be doing one post a day.
Ava said…
I will do my bit by reading them all :D
I'd liek to come up with 1 good pos, though Im not sure what it will be at this point. Its the time fo the year....
Anarchivist said…
Eeee! Time caught up with me! As it so often does. I may or may not make participating in the Shashi fun, but either way, I'll have your posts for solace.
bollyviewer - This one post a day thing is going to kill me, I think, but it's worth it :)

As for the speech: KYA IDEA HAI! You will have to provide me with translations of many of the titles, though. :) Maybe we should make it a joint project!

gebruss - yay!

avdi - Reading is what it's all about :) And clearly you make the world a Shashier place!

Shweta - Shashi Week is a HORRIBLE time of year for you! And this year we will lose an hour of sleep as we are gearing up. Bah!

Anarchavist - Me too! I bet you will be able to issue me an excellent challenge at the very least, which is no small thing.
Anonymous said…
Oh, goodie! I am pretty sure I won't be able to do a post a day, but hey, I'll certainly do at least one commemorative post during this week! I LOVE Shashi too. :-)
2020 said…
Oh Yeah! Beth + shashi, my favorite combo after amitabh + shashi. As shashi and I share a birthday (date, not year) I'll make sure I get a post up for it.

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