groovy graphic geekiness: typefaces of the 70s

70s week rolls to a close with some opening credits. Today I'm posting tiny snips of some of my favorite lettering from film titles - can you guess which films they come from? Answers (full images of the titles in both roman letters and Devanagari) tomorrow!


Anarchivist said…
I've always said you are a font of knowledge, and now it's become literal!!

Love this almost as much the decor. So nice that we don't have to choose!
Ness said…

I can see the font from Amar Akbar Antony in there...but that's the only one I'm sure of.
Anirban said…
These would be awesome in a comic book but of course the complete set of letters would have to be commissioned from film-wala from Mumbai. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth,
Loved reading your 70's week blogs.

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