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...but a great subtitle nonetheless.

Dharmatma, 1975

All of the subtitles in this film look like this. Translucent subtitles might be aesthetically delightful, but they sure are hard to read.


memsaab said…
Yikes!!! I don't think my subtitles were! :)
Rum said…
LOLOL a subtitle just for me! Hell yeah though Imtiaz's beard has no sex appeal but a Anil mush is great! Hahaha love Dharmatma!
Such a risque dialogue/subtitle- maybe they made it translucent in a weird aspiration towards propriety :D
thanks for the chandelier Beth!
Louella said…
Just like yellow-bordered tottaly transparent ones when I was watching CD!I in cinema xD
God, sometimes I think they give subtitles without any care. It's annoying.
memsaab - Based on your screen caps in your review, I'd agree! I'm jealous. Mine didn't do songs either.

Rum - YES! That one is just for you! And you will be happy to know that one of the next lines is Farida saying "but it pokes me." Not at the level of all the cock jokes in Janbaaz, but still....

Shweta - Hee! I wish the translucency were only for the saucy lines! And glad you liked the chandelier and weird camera angle :)

Louella - Oh dear! Yellow does not sound helpful!
Anonymous said…
Yes, my subtitles were not translucent, lekin, I also don't remember this fantastic one regarding the man's sex appeal lying in his beard, something we all have long know to be true, hai na?

All the best!

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