Filmi Secret Santas: a tribute from the Imperial Palace of Pitustan

Filmi Santa brought me a surprise from the most glorious royal palace of Pitustan!

For those of you who don't have time to squint and read the text, it goes, fabulously, like this:
"Allow yourself to melt into Eau de Shashi. A fragrance rendolent of musk, heaving bosoms, and sultry nights.... A fragrance forbidden to all but the most desirable of women. Bring Eau de Shashi into your boudoir tonight...if you dare."



Kanan said…
Ohhh... awesomeness! I love the writing and how photo (his clothes) match the bottle/parfum. :D

Do they make it in bigger size? LOL!!!
San said…
splendid! Such a unique idea. Doesn't he make it all the more appealing
vp said…
i enjoy reading your blog, just a question do you know whatever happened to shashi's son karan? he was in one or two films and then didn't quite make it, too white I guess, because of that India had to live without a kapoor hero for nearly two decades until ranbir came along. maybe you should do a post about him.
Kanan - Biggest bottle possible plz! :)

San - I don't know how this took so long, given all the lyrics about perfumed breezes and so on. Though of course this might be too powerful and exclusive to mention in song. :)

vinny - Thanks! I haven't found out much about Karan, or seen any of his films yet (though I have one on order, I think), but I've read he's a photographer in London. I think I even once stumbled on to his business website. Funny point about the Kapoor-free mid80s-mid200s! Good thing Karisma and Kareena came along, eh? :)
Pitu said…
Yay! Glad u liked it!
Kanan said…
Beth, I watched Karan's film Loha years ago. It was actually Dharmendra film but he was in there. He's an okay sort of actor. Loha is a good action movie though, worth watching it, IMO. I would love to watch it again sometime.

No idea what he does these days.

Didn't Karan have a brother and a sister? I think they were never in movies if my vague memory is right.

Kanan - Yes, he does. Kunal is the oldest Shashi-Jennifer child and was in a few films, most namely Vijeta, I think (though I haven't seen it). I believe he now makes ad films? Something like that. He's also married to Ramesh Sippy's daughter Sheena. Baby sister Sanjana runs Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai. She sounds like an amazing person.
Pitu said…
If you haven't, I would recommend you watch 'Hero Hiralal' starring Sanjana Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah. I think it was her 1st and possibly last film. I LOVED IT! And she looks incredibly gorgeous! It has this simply amazing song by Lata Mangeshkar that I've never managed to find in mp3/cd format. It's called 'Sapno ki duniya hai'. So haunting :)
SpyGirl said…
Sanjana was in Salaam Bombay! but it wasn't a very big part. She played a Western journalist doing an interview. She's been in other things but I haven't seen any of them.
bollyviewer said…
Are there any more bottles in exisetence? If yes, where do i order one? I want to dare, too!

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