Filmi Secret Santas day 7 and 8

"On the seventh day...the elves rested. That's how the song goes, isn't It? Or are they mixing that up with something else? Either way, the elves do need their rest: they were up late at Pran's house, drinking Johnny Walker Black and trying on his wigs. So they decided to just be silly today."

Bollywood High School Musical
Goodness Gracious Me Christmas

....And on the eighth day, "Something turned up under the tree from Eight Days. There's no sign of the movie, alas, so there are no pictures of the studly young Ashok Kumar. But a little bit of bittersweet inevitably creeps into every holiday season."

"Ummeed Bhara Panchi" from the movie Aaath Din


Am watching "Pyar ka Mausam" this minute- you are here in spirit Beth!
Shellie said…
OMG, finally something that pairs up my love of Bolly with my unnatural obsession with Zac Efron!!!
I love your secret santa!!!
Unknown said…
Well, that is just fabulousness!!!!!! I'll never look at HSM the same way again! Perfection! (Especially the bits with Zac running about on the golf course. Yum!)

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