Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! Award: three disco amigos

Another Rishi delight from Temple, this time with Jeetendra (!) and Rakesh Roshan (where did Hrithik get his dancing prowess?). My favorite moments, which are hard to discern from among all the general disco goodness: baby pink and blue backup dancer outfits (à la Disco Dancer) and the gentle shuffling and balletic arms at around 5:05.

("Hum To Aap Ke Deewane Hain," Aap Ke Deewane, 1980)


Rum said…
Beth you know how to win a disco-Rishi lover's heart like mine! SQUEAL!!! I love the necessary slow motion jump for Rishi and poor Rakesh, I guess Hritik gets his filmi dance moves from his papa! AND JEETENDRA! I think i spat out my drink when i saw his cape and his hitting his chest to make sound-effects dance! LOLOL Thanks beth!
ajnabi said…
Oh my gosh. My life is complete. I can die now.
Temple said…
Rum - The first time I saw this I was completely unprepared for the Jeetendra Body Percussion interlude, and did spit my drink up. Between that, Mr Roshan in his slippery soled cuban heeled boots gliding precariously about the place, and Rishi's high stepping tippy toed style, I knew it was a keeper. I love random finds on retro song DVDs!
Beth - you are making me look like someone with a Rishi obsession when in fact I pointed out these songs as cautionary material.
Although the ballet arms with non synchro kicks is delightful.
Bollyviewer said…
A great example of the right-side-of-the-80s Disco genre. Hrithik clearly got his dancing genes from Mom (or somewhere else - NOT from his Dad!). And whats with those ink-splotches on their shirt-fronts? Do these guys belong to the fellowship of the dancing ink-splotches (or blood splatters)?
Jeetendra's body percussion is AWESOME! I like that he can make the same sound by hitting his chest AND shimmying his shoulders!

Someone should do a clip series of Jeetendra vs. Rishi to determine the early disco king, I think. (Mithun being the latter disco king, of course.)

Rum - there is nothing I don't love about this. Have you seen this film? Is there MORE? Rakesh to me looks very uncertain most of the time.

Ajnabi - that's exactly what I thought too!

Temple - There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with Rishi. It's happened to some of the finest people we know. Plus other Kapoors are already sufficiently hadled and it is only fair that he have his share.

I have a feeling that if we tread carefully through youtube's suggestions for related material, we will find disco nuggets a-plenty. I for one am happy to volunteer to go spelunking.

Bollyviewer - YES! This is all goodness and light! I do not understand the splotches either - amoeba, perhaps? I forgot to mention that in another version of this video, you can see that Rishi and Rakesh are called up on stage to join Jeetendra, and they have to undergo a costume quick-change, thus making their leaping splotchy entrances all the more special!

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