this week's Cha Cha Cha! Bahut Accha! Award: now that says "Saturday"!

A wise friend told me this song could substitute for at least one cup of coffee in the wake-up department, and now I'm picturing a whole list of songs we can turn to when our regular caffeine resources are low. It's so hard to choose what I like best about it.

(Sakala Kalaa Vallavan, 1982)
Roller skates? Motorcycle? Bubbles? (The Khanna men have a lock on bubbles in my book, but this definitely challenges their authority.) Sequined argyle shirt? A vest with no shirt? Or just the overall sparkly/blinky/shiny/electrified sugarcoating of it all?


Michael Barnum said…
Wow, makes the Village People look like Lawrence Welk!
Anonymous said…
Oh. I'm having a high school roller night flashback.

The chandelier is faboo. And the balloons. And the lighted floor. Oh, and the shiny, shiny pink pants and gold boots.
Ron Roy said…
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Anonymous said…
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