Bolly flashmob!

For IMC's Bollywood Hero (which I won't be able to watch because I gave up cable years ago so am expecting some intrepid blogger to cover and tell me all about).

This strikes me as a very appropriate way to advertise this project, but somehow this just does not portray - or instill in me - the joy of T-Mobile's dance in a British train station. Maybe it's the costumed dancers and the billboard buses, which totally kill that magical effect of being "just a regular day" and "out of nowhere" and look more like ...well, an advertisement? That's also not the song I would pick, even thought it has some recognition factor from being in whatever dance contest show that was last year. Of course, I'd be thrilled beyond belief to encounter anything like this if I were out on a city street, so these are small-scale complaints.


Shellie said…
OMG, that would be the coolest to see in real life, I'd probably start dancing too and everyone would be like "who's she, I don't remember her from rehersals?"

It wasn't as good as other's I've seen and totally seemed more like a publicity stunt than a spontaneous dance, especially with Chris Kattan there. Are there no original songs in the movie that they had to borrow one from OSO?

Again, cool. I don't know why I'm also criticizing! Silly girl. Fun to see, Beth, thanks for posting.
irene_j_nexica said…
they are promoting the bejeezuz outta this show - ads are showing up in the feeds to many of the Bollywood sites I watch, even the ones from India who are probably reading my IP to see I'm in the US. I went to my local Hindi cinema last week and there was a trailer for it - you coulda picked my jaw up off the floor. I'll tape it, but I don't have high expectations. I'm expecting to get pissed off at content at least once.
Anonymous said…
I wish I could see it, just to see what all the fuss was about, but I no longer get IFC Canada because frankly, they show *nothing* that is on IFC in the US. They show complete crap, to be blunt, and I was tired of paying for the crap.

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