Another area show!

Next Level Bollywood Concert and Show in Indianapolis, Friday, July 3. Gulshan Grover is the midwest's new best friend! Please note there is audition information on this website...ooooh! (Not for me, obviously, but I know some of you can dance.)


Anonymous said…
Too bad Gulshan isn't coming to the other "apolis" as in Minneapolis, because then I'd go see him since I like his hot villain ways. Look at his non blog:

p.s. Have you ever heard someone unfamiliar with the mid-west say "Minndianapolis"...I have.

All the best!
Wow, that is a seriously non blog! From the future, even!

I have NEVER heard anyone say "Minndianapolis," but then again, I try not to roll with people that unfamiliar with my 'hood. ;)
Sameera Singh said…
i would like to exchange links with ur blog.
Title: Bollywood news


When u done the changes just trigger me an email with url and title u want to see added in my blog.

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