Shashi Week: groovy, funkadelic, and superfly

Longer hair, toothier grin, harder-working eyebrows, bigger sunglasses, more shirt buttons undone. Flared-collar good-hearted heroes. The first volley of this Shashilicious style in my Shashi filmography is Bombay Talkie of 1970, with its off-set superstar fashions, and it peaked somewhere around the delusions-inspiring ideal boyfriend of 1977 in Doosra Aadmi or the jet-set playboy with a heart of gold in 1978's Trishul.

I like to think being born in 1974 - the year of the many fly ties and suave white suit of Roti Kapada aur Makaan - has proven to be extremely Shauspicious (Shausi+aupicious).


Temple said…
wow! he looks like the human test many striking paisley and geometric prints. One of my grievances with the current crop of Bolly "stars" is that many of them fail to demonstrate any sort of career development. Unlike one Shashi Kapoor who went from Masala Mr Bean in Pyaar Ka Mausam to pleatheriffic in Duniya Meri Jeb Mein...and seeing these pics just makes me reach for the Suhaag DVD for one of the greatest screen couples of all time...Shashitabh :)
Thanks Beth - you have brightened my day.
Anonymous said…
Now that you've compiled a gallery of shots, he certainly seems like Rainbow Brite (but still yummy) in comparison to his 60s preppy-chic! Nope, I bags 60s Shashi. You and PPCC can fight it out for the 70s. :-D
gebruss said…
The shirt in the last pattern makes my head spin just by looking at it. I wonder what ironing it would have been like? Who needs drugs if there are shirts like these. Though personally I prefer things with more buttons.

Such a lovely treat to find when pottering around the internet over breakfast.
Anonymous said…
And a great way to spend one's lunch break - although I have to say that this picture ( not only makes my eyes hurt hurt hurt but isn't exactly something you should look at while eating ...
But thank Helen there's enough eye candy here to make up for it :D
Temple - Ha! Yes, he certainly does. I assume many other stars of the era did too - heck, Rishi would give him a run for his stripes.

bollyviewer - I think there's enough Shashi to go 'round, though I admit that it was 70s Shashi that first captured my heart (Do aur Do Paanch and Doosra Aadmi, specifically). Whatever vintage, it's alllll goooooood.

Gebruss - Isn't the chief virtue of 70s polyester that you don't have to iron it?

Katrin - What?!? More for me, then! He can do or un-do his buttons however he wants at my house.
Anonymous said…
Not a huge Shashi fan (yes, I know, sacrilege!! Actually not a huge fan of anyone from that era :-)) but what scares me is that ALL these prints seem to be back!

70s masala Shashi!!!!!! Lord of all Shashis!!!!! Ultimate being of hotness!!!!

I have some Shashi trivia: apparently he was offered one of the lead roles in Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam, but then dropped out at the last minute. When I read that, I just had to cluck my tongue and shake my head in disapproval, "Shashiiiii. What were you THINKING?!"
Anonymous said…
Oh, I don't object to undone buttons (the more the merrier) - but the combination of patterns in that picture is ... spectacularly vile. :D

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