Sunday listening

Not only are Filmi Girl Bol! and I going to be on the BBC Asian Network's "Love Bollywood" show Sunday morning, Akshay Kumar miiiiight be in the studio too! So, you know, listen in! (And never tell me how stupid I sound. I already know.)


veracious said…
I may just keel over and die from jealousy if Filmi Girl gets to meet Akshay and officially set up her Akshay Ladies' Fan Club.

Of course, I'll also be ridiculously happy for both of you in case that happens! Have fun! :D
Anonymous said…
ooh, how does one listen to the show? PLEASE tell me it's on the net! [or else maybe you can sneak in a cell phone and record it and post it on the blog? I can come up with lots of other possibly illegal ideas - I wanna listen!]
Wow! Is FG properly flipping out?! That would be awesome!!
Not totally sure if it will work outside of the UK (it should do...) but just go to the BBC radio page and choose Asian Network. You can "listen again" to any show for a week on the BBC iPlayer at

- will be listening Beth!
Banno said…
That is so cool. Am going to try the iplayer.
wow cool. Congrats. :-)
Stella_1 said…
Il'l be listening. Can't wait! I'm so happy for you both.
Temple said…
nice one Beth! Will try and track down the interview online :)
Stella_1 said…
Just heard you guys! They didin't even present you, it was just like, bam, talk about Dil Se. Anyway, fun interview, and yes you should have a show. Hope you see Akshay Kumar.
Silent Melody said…
Whoa!! Please blog about your experience!!
Anonymous said…
Argh, I sat through an entire episode with Rajeev Masand before I realized it was the wrong one! But then I was doubly happy to hear you! Also, that girl who called in kind of struck a chord when she said she didn't understand why anybody would want a woman as miserable as Manisha (although she had good reason)... but then as you guys pointed out, heroines in Hindi films aren't chased for their stellar personalities. Suspension of disbelief!

CC2C isn't looking too good is it?

PS - how did the Dave tennant worship go? He still looks wrong to me, somehow. Like God got tired of constructing his face halfway through. That sounds mean, but I don't know how else to explain it.
Anonymous said…
you should be able to get a podcast pretty soon...through itunes.
Anonymous said…
I got the podcast but didn't hear you and FG in it---only the interview w/the CCTC people :(

The BBC player doesn't work for me...hope you can post your interview up here so I can hear it sometime. And hope you had oodles of fun!
Congratulations Beth! Like Memsaab, waiting for u to post ur interview- burning w/ excitement to listen!
2020 said…
You are too cool. You're so cool you'r post-cool! Have fun with the BBC.

Akki is overdue for a big crossover in the USA...he has already crossed over Maybe Chandni Chowk to China will do it?
2020 said…
That sould be... he has already crossed over in the UK to some extent. Chandni Chowk to China will do it?

slippery keyboard...
Anonymous said…
Congrats! Hope you had loads of fun. Loved your take on Dil Se though I am more of the I-hate-that-film (like the caller in the show) school.

And David Tennant is awesome (I loved him in He Knew He Was Right) but I have still not forgiven him for making me watch a very boring Dr. Who where he DID NOT TURN UP! (I was ignorant of the fact that there were other doctors before him whom I did NOT want to see!)
Pessimisissimo said…
Beth, I listened to the interview and thought both you and Filmi Girl did a great job. The hosts were pretty over the top, but you more than held your own--they sounded surprised by your depth of knowledge.

I have to confess that I'm closer to your opinion on Dil Se--it's visually striking, and I admire what Mani Ratnam was trying to do, but neither the drama nor most of the dance numbers ("Chaiya Chaiya" and "Jiya Jale" excepted) work for me. But it was great to hear you and Filmi talking about the movie and interacting with the callers. Congratulations!
Filmi Girl said…
We were so awesome!

I just wish I could have MET Akki rather than gaze on his deliciousness from afar.... ;P
S.K.S. said…
That's awesome! Is he there to promote CC2C?
veracious - I think you made Raj and Pablo keel over and die from jealousy :) She didn't, sadly - and even kept her cool in his 15-feet-away presence! :)

rossywar - Thank you for posting that! That's always how I listen to the show too and am so glad you put this info up for folks (I wasn't back on email again until I got home).

Banno, TCP, Stella, Temple, Amrita, sparkle, bollyviewer, SKS, Shweta - Thank yoooo! We had a blast!

Memsaab - Yeah, the podcast is the really short version of the show. Try the online streaming thing until Saturday (they're only up for a week).

Amrita - True confessions time about my actual opinion of Dil Se: that caller - and the guy who wrote in to say he had seen the movie over 30 times and still wasn't sure what to make of it - resonated with me too. I don't actually love Dil Se - Kara does, and since she did all the leg work to get us on the show, I figured I didn't have the right to nit-pick her selection - but I do find it really interesting, offering lots to think about. We didn't even get to the idea that the story is an analogy about issues of national unity - maybe that's a touchy subject, but it would have been a great conversation. I too do not understand why anyone would fall for Manisha's character, especially after her repeated "leave me alone"s.

Re: CC2C: no, especially after the "chinky" comment. But it is written by the fellow who did Bluffmaster!, which is one of my very favorites, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

DT was faaaaaaaaaaaab! He did a twitchy, bouncy, uneasy, all-or-nothing, and very funny teenagery sort of Hamlet. I loved it.

Bollyviewer - :) I hope it wasn't a Christopher Eccleston one that you didn't like! I love him!

Pessimissimo - Yeah, that's how they roll, I think :) It was tons of fun. I don't think they realized how hard-core we are - at least not until Sanni wrote in and talked about our blogs. I think having "regular people" on the show is great, though, especially when revisiting older films. It's nice to share ideas about the movies (and music) in addition to hearing what the filmmakers and stars have to say.

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