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My new best friends!

Pablo has the beard; Raj is in red.
Now if only I could get them to come to Chicago for something.... Here's a link to our segment. On our way out, the lovely Asian Network staff graciously let us hang around in the lobby to see the arrival of Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, and Nikhil Advani for their 11 o'clock interview.

(If you squint, you can see Akshay in the plaid scarf and Deepika with the big bag and tan boots. I didn't dare go any closer. And Filmi Girl didn't even swoon!)

In other news, clearly someone had heard we were coming and postered the Tube accordingly.

On Sunday, we met some other wonderful Bolly fans (including Antarra and Celi) for a trip to Southall.

I loved how much this mannequin looked like 70s Sharmila!

Can't wait to see this!

I managed to keep my DVD shopping to a minimum - including a copy of Dharam Veer. When I found it in the big "3 for £10" bin, I held it up triumphantly and yelled out "I win!"


Anonymous said…
Aieee, why are they ten feet tall? Or were all the surrounding desis oompa-loompas?
This is wonderful Beth- im more and more enthu about grabbing a hearing of the prgm :D
Anonymous said…
Oh you so do win!!!!!! Dharam-Veer and a glimpse of Akshay and Deepika!

:-) Going to listen to you now!
You got to Southall! You saw Akshay!! You were on my new favorite radio show!!! I'm so jealous - this looks like it was such a great trip! Glad to have you back too! :)
Amrita - I think a little of both ;) This encounter spurred a conversation about the height of various stars, actually - and some of our boys are tall, no?

Shweta - Do it! The show is fantastic all the time - my favorite parts are Raj and Pablo talking about what they've seen and the latest gossip, as well as the reports from their correspondent in Mumbai about the recent releases.

Memsaab - Heee! That was my thought.

PPCC - Much was done, it is true. Love Bollywood (formerly Film Cafe, when I started listening to it back in the day) is always a good time - despite its confusing British English use of plural verb for what I always feel strongly is a singular noun.
desipolitan said…
Very cool Ms. B! Love catching up on your filmi goings on. Was this your tv appearance? Siiiigh wish I came across a 3 for $10 deal here in the States. Freaking Amazon is asking $27 for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na which cute as it was, is so not worth $27!
desipolitan - 1) Love your user name! 2) Thankfully this was radio - I would have been even more anxious trying to figure out how to look presentable for telly. 3) I was very excited about 3 for 10 until I did the exchange rate conversion and realized this was like hitting a Nehaflix $5 sale - but then I realized this was minus the shipping and handling, so then I got excited again! $27 seems excessivissimo! Avoid yaar!
Rum said…
Ohhhh Beth, you're gonna make me weep and cry with nostalgia, i used to live near southall, in hounslow actually!
Rum - When we went past Hounslow on the train I wanted to make the "Hounslow Harriers" airplane gesture from Bend It like Bekcham. :)
Anonymous said…
OK, so which one of your new best friends claimed to be single and available?

Deepika's back doesnt look very star-ry. Did you get to see her face?

And Southall still has 70s mannequinns? I knew my London sight-seeing was incomplete!
kalyan said…
Congrats Beth, I am jealous :)
Banno said…
Lucky you! Looks like you had loads of fun. Great photos. Specially you with SRK. :-)
Temple said…
Thanks so much for posting the link Beth - I couldn't listen to it via the BBC site. You guys were great! I totally agree with you re the bath scene in Dil Se too. And I have to confess I am not a fan of what is known as The Red Bag Song or Two People One Doona Cover. I love the song but not the picturisation. The wrangling inside a giant pillowcase just breaks the mood..
Anonymous said…
Great show! They should have you guys do a segment every so often.

Where's the Dalek picture?

bollyviewer - Raj - the one in red :)

I didn't see her face, no - she had the requisite big sunglasses on. You know, for all that blinding sunlight in January in London indoors.

Kalyan - Thanks! :) It was tons of fun.

Banno - Absolutely! We saw another little poster with other Bolly folks on it, but it was on the escalator so by the time I figured out it was Bolly, it was out of view and I couldn't go back. I'm wondering if the Zee awards or similar are in London soon....

Temple - Hee! I find the pillowcase weird but really interesting - and maybe even a foreshadowing of the ending? Ooooh. Deep. :)

Joyce - :) Dalek is here:
Bollywood said…
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Ashley said…
You are too funny! I am glad you had fun!!
Anonymous said…
Wow! How exciting! I like your stealth camera work. Also thanks for the movie! I got it in the mail when I returned from India. It was a perfect welcome home gift. :)
All the best!
Unknown said…
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