an announcement from Army of Monkeys

(Note: not the army of monkeys. That's totally different.)

In response to an email from a loyal Army of Monkeys reader, I contacted webmaster Steve to see whether he was in fact still in Ohio and not kidnapped by Sunny Deol etc. Here's what he had to say, and despite him being responsible for me watching Asambhav, Dhund: The Fog, Kismat, and Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani, I figured it would be the service-minded thing to do to post this for him, plus I did send him Disco Dancer, so maybe we're even.
Ack! I am still working on the domain registration problem. Basically it was a misunderstanding with an auto-renewal problem, and I am working with the registrar to get the domain re-registered. I hope to get something going there either this weekend or next week.


Oh that's wonderful news! His Jaani dushman review kicks serious butt. I cant wait to see what movie he writes about next!
Isn't it?!? If I have my way, his next projects will be the Ramsay Brothers movies I just watched, because he's going to be receiving those DVDs shortly. Mwahahahaah!

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