Helen: cures what ails ya

The inimitable Celi, co-founder of the (Somewhat Un)official Shashi Kapoor Fan Club on Facebook, sent me this link, and it has totally lifted my spirits as I languish on the sofa, home from work with allergies/sinus unhappiness.

I am by no means a Helen connoisseur, but this one is just so incredibly fun - and judging by the context at the beginning, she's not being overly objectified by the male gaze, gyrating while trapped in a bottle, etc., so this one feels a lot more joyful and free and less "overtly sexual women=bad or dangerous" than some of her other songs. I like anything from mod or go-go Bollywood, and this one is extra great because of the three wildly different and unrelated settings/costumes (even if one of them is objectionably fake-pretend Polynesian), the groovy moves, and the West Side Story-ish backup dancers. And surely only Helen could sell the line "demonstrate your talents to the world" while writhing on her back in a mini-skirt cowgirl outfit across a petal-strewn floor at the toes of a marching band.

If I had a green velvet hat and red spangled sweater, I would go put them on right now and practice my twisting.

Best advice ever, right Kaddele?

D0 consult Memsaab's enormously popular list of her favorite Helen songs for further inspiration.


Banno said…
Oh, poor you! You were completely right, Helen is a better cure for sinus/ allergies than antibiotics.
Anonymous said…
Helen rules. This film (Nadaan) is oodles of sixties fun even though it was made in 1971. Asha Parekh plays a rough and tough tomboy!

And thanks for the plug ;-)
red42 said…
Hi Beth,
I so agree that Helen is a great cure! I've been stuck at home on crutches afte a Bollywood dance related injury at the weekend - who knew it was so dangerous?! To keep me company I have been watching lots of Helen and Shammi, and feel so much better already! I hadn't seen this one before - so thanks for helping me smile!
BB said…
Ever since "Yeh Mera Dil," I've been a huge Helen fan. I insist on watching that song TWICE every time I watch Don, and if people even dare to try and skip it, they loose a finger.
Banno - Definitely! Maybe more Americans would finally get on board with nationalized health care if Helen were involved....

memsaab - It looked fantastic, but I was surprised to see what year it was made. I must watch!

That post of yours really needed no plugging, based on the humongous volume of comments :)

red 42- Bollywood related dance injury? Noooo! I hope at least you got paid for your troubles! It's only a matter of time before I injure myself dancing in my living room, though. I think Shammi and Helen are the perfect dance-related injury healers - who better to inspire sound physical abilities!

The Bolly List - Funny!
red42 said…
Thanks Beth! I have been tempted to tie bells on and dance Alakananda style from Jal Bin Mirchli, but thankfully for everyone's sanity, my physio has taken the crutches away. Helen is my inspiration, so thanks for links to a Helen movie/dance sequence I haven't seen before - now off to find the DVD!
Poptique said…
What a beauty! Never enough Helen and this clip showcases one of my favourite unique Bollywood dance moves - pushing oneself backwards on the floor!

Hope you're feeling much more chipper !

ttfn :)
poptique - I love your site! Thank you for stopping by! I have to admit, I've never noticed this particular dance move before, but I can definitely understand it being a favorite, and I'll be on the lookout for it.

And happily much more chipper! :)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
helen's unique, she has a legendary status in bollywood and it is just amazing that no one since her or before her has even come close to her.
Mister Naidu said…
Helen is what she is. An artist and an entertainer. Perhaps, the greatest planet Earth has ever known!

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