Q: Are you familiar with the ubiquitous firangi henchman actor Bob Christo?

A: Hmmm...don't know the name, but his face rings a bell.


Katrin said…
Bob Christo is in Ajooba? Now I absolutely have to watch it. Right now.
Oh, and here's a website in his honour:
Love the Bollybob site - that was pretty much the first Bollywood website I ever found (after Bollywhat, of course).

And yes, as discussed, you MUST watch Ajooba!
Todd said…
Oh, God... still wiping tears from my eyes over that one. Thanks for that.

I definitely must watch Ajooba again. I completely forgot about its high Christocity.
Todd - I was cracking myself up all night with this movie. There were a lot more I didn't post (yet?). I like that although Bob only appears briefly, he is used in a highly effective way. I wonder what to make of the fact that Bob is evil in Hind rather than in Bahrestan? Does that make him slightly less evil than, say, Amrish? Also, how is it that I had never heard he was in this movie?
Anonymous said…
Bob Cristo was pretty popular for a while. His bald pate and french beard gives him automatic bad guy credentials, and his phirang looks manage to add a colonial hangover to the whole thing. But somehow, I cannot think of a single movie where he looked menacing enough for the henchman role!

I saw him at a resort on the outskirts of Bangalore run by Sanjay Khan (Feroze's brother and Hrithik's dad-in-law). I think he works there now.

r - Ha! Yeah, he's not particularly threatening when it boils down to it, is he? Still, I'm always glad to see him. My favorite Christocity (excellent term Todd) moment ever is either 1) him mulling around stage after the assassination in Commando wearing his Op baseball cap or 2) him chasing Shashi in skis while wearing a leopard print furry hat in Namak Halaal.
Bob Christo works in a resort now!?

Bob Christo was in Namak Halaal? *puts Namak Halaal in DVD player right now*

Ahh, and your jokes, Beth, you're killin' me here.
Todd said…
Bob Christo really wasn't there to be threatening. Bob Christo was there to be the evil white guy who got his face rammed into a bell, or got peed on by the hero's dog. And God bless him for it.
PPCC - YES. How can you not remember that! Okay calming down. I love that scene because Shashi looks so funny, with his "COOL IT" hat really taking the cake. He tries to be so sauve on his skis.

Ahh, this movie was so funny.

Todd - Good point. ¡Viva el Bob!
Keith said…
Bob works as a yoga instructor at the Golden Palms Spa in Bangalore, or he did. Is he still there?

Yes, he is!

Bob teaches you yoga

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