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BLB is now on Twitter. You can find me here if you want to brave my experiments in trying to use this "mini-blogging tool," the most appealing of Twitter's self-descriptions, to do something creative, useful, and/or * gasp * interesting. Bite-sized movie thoughts, perhaps? No promises that all tweets will be movie-related. But at least they'll only be 140 c/s and cannot include gratuitous pictures of Shashi or Neetu. (Way to sell it!)


Unknown said…
Beth, would be great if you could do FriendFeed! FF will kill twitter soon. But for now it subsumes twitter so you don't lose any functionality by moving to it.

Give it a shot when you have a chance. Also you can try twhirl as your desktop client. It supports both FF and Twitter.
AR said…
oh, you're far more brave than I. btw does this mean fewer blog posts? me no likey if that's so :(
aspi - I'm experimenting ;)

amrita - NEVER FEAR. I promise no reduction in post number, length, and/or quality due to new technologies. Caffeine deficiency, though, that's another matter altogether.
Unknown said…
All right Beth! Welcome to FF.

Amrita you should join. Come on now. With FriendFeed you don't even have to do anything!
ajnabi said…
Beth, if there's no gratuitous Shashi pics, that's hardly a sell. ;-)
Kanan said…
I am with Ajnabi on whatever this is. What is twitter btw?
ajnabi - no kidding! :)

kanan - Twitter is yet another social networking site...and its purpose is just to share updates about what you're doing. You can follow people's feeds and reply to them. I'm really not sure if I'll find it useful or even fun after a week or so...we'll see.
Unknown said…
IMO, this is the best twitter tutorial on the web. I recommend it to everyone who wants to know more about twitter.

For the blog junta - its a way to share things with friends without writing a post about it.

Another Friend Feed plug (please don't hate me): it allows comments whereas twitter doesn't. So its a bit more interactive.
Aspi, I'm digging the commentability on Friend Feed - that really is a nice feature.
*~mad munky~* said…
Friend Feed? *intrigued*

I'm starting to realise that I've spread myself veeeeerrrrryy thinly across's starting to hurt :o\

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