for the love of Feroz Khan; or, link likes for other movies that I probably won't watch but am glad somebody is on top of

After a good wallow in the vast landscape of yesterday's tomorrow, today I call to your attention the sites Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill!, and The Lucha Diaries, written by Todd, another hepcap from Teleport City. So at home in the serene pools of Shashi-esque gentility and dandiness am I that I think it's best not to jump into the shark-infested waters of 70s machismo and open shirts all alone. Thus Todd has been designated as my safety buddy for all things fists, Feroz, and ferociously hairy. By this last phrase I also mean monster and horror movies; things around here tend to be pretty non-werewolf-y, because even though in my experience Bollywood gore usually looks more like grocery store sheet cake red icing than actual blood, I scare easily enough that I've called the whole genre off-limits. (I was even scared during Dhund: The Fog, okay? Leave me alone.) More good investigation of the spooky, grisly, and otherwise dark-ish can be found at October.

Before the driver starts the bus, does everyone have their buddy? Okay, good. We're departing to the murkiness of swarthy robbers and even more morally questionable vigilante cops in Chor Sipahee. Vinod is the crook but Shashi is the one with questionable ethics? Shashi is the Christ figure but Vinod bleeds from the hand? Yes. Stay tuned!


Anarchivist said…
Ooh, I'm going to get business cards that say " spooky, grisly, and otherwise dark-ish." This makes me wonder if my love for all things disco is a spangly exception, or if disco is itself "dark-ish." So many things to think about!
Do it! Then send me one!

I think disco movies must have a dark side. Disco Dancer certainly does - that Sam guy is a twisted freak! Remember how he's so debauched that he can hardly stand up? Daaaaark.
ajnabi said…
Oooh! Morally questionable! Hand bleeding! Bring it on!
Anarchivist said…
Is there stigmata involved? Even if that's too good to be true, I'm looking forward to this one...
OMG Beth, you are KILLING ME with the anticipation of your review of Chor Sipahee. I freakin' love that movie, it's like masala combined with Heart of Darkness - the dil's there, but it's made of tar (as Memsaab would say, ha!).
Moral ambiguity and christ-like figures with dubious morals? Oh yes!
As someone who can find messianic tendencies in films about giant flying turtles, I highly approve.
Aaaah! So much pressure! I hope you all enjoy - at least the pictures if nothing else. I cannot emphasize enough that PPCC really should be your go-to on this one - they wrangled it with it more deeply than I did. But as PPCC says, it's masala-licious enough that there's plenty to enjoy even if you stay in the shallower end. Houseinrlyeh, do tell about the turtle movie!
Todd said…
Yeah, Beth, I got your back. Nice use of "non-werewolf-y", BTW. As you indicate, I guess that phrase can't really be used to describe anything that features Feroz Khan. Because, you know, he's really hairy.
Todd - Safety first, I always say. Feroz seems vaguley menacing generally, so it's good to have a guide.

Do you think anyone will pick up on our term? I just googled it, and the top his are you, me, a livejournal talking about Supernatural, and some Star Wars board.
Todd said…
I predict that the phrase will eventually sweep the globe, and will ultimately become as ubiquitous and annoying as "Whassup?" or "You go, girl!" I also predict that, sadly, we will never receive the credit we deserve for it. We're like that butterfly that caused a hurricane that I heard about that one time.
If we can just launch it into the general vernacular - beyond things like Bollywood horror movies and Supernatural - we will be truly set for life.
Bath, the turtle movie is the brilliant Japanese late 90s Gamera trilogy. What could be more obvious than to take the most ridiculous kaiju and make three very earnest movies in which it plays the role of a kind of ecological guardian with messianic tendencies, including the ability to come back from the dead?
Yes, I know that your name is Beth. *g*
My friends are either uncreative or uninspired and over the years I've heard very few nicknames; however, "Bath" is new :)

That movie sounds RIDICULOUS, though lord knows we need an ecological guardian who wants to bring more people around to their way of thinking! Super!
The biggest surprise about them is that the three 90s Gameras aren't ridiculous.
Anyway I'd be all for an ecological guardian that won't help you against other giant monsters if you aren't a good girl or boy, too. ;)

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