i can haz duniya meri jeb mein?

Inspired by Post-Punk Cinema Club, I will be writing an LOLcat-style, pictorial post on Duniya Meri Jeb Mein.

Um, why, you may ask. Because it has fun visuals that I think might lend themselves to isolated captioning and to being exemplars of the ingredients making up this treat that joyfully meets the Recommended Masala Allowance of silly plots, loud set design, villains, families, and romance, that's why. If you want to know the plot, I suggest reading ahead at PPCC, because I will not be wasting precious characters on that - or on lengthy analysis. But if I play my LOLs right, I think I can capture its essence. A film about a trapeze artist inspires an equally acrobatic response, yes? A picture, a thousand wordz, etc.* Stay tuned....

* Please note I mean no disrespect to the film, its participants, or its director, Tinnu Anand (whom I just learned worked with Satyajit Ray - and helped launch Amitabh Bachchan). It's just for fun.


Forge ahead, B! The PPCC is right behind ya - sometimes a good lolz captures so much. We'll lolz the next Shashi movie. And for this one, OMG RSHI SHASHI IZ NOT MAED UV MONEEZ!

And Tinnu Anand is such a bad-ass. He actually inspired a soon-to-be-posted post on underappreciated PPCC darlings. We love you, Tinnu! BIG TIME.
AD said…
Funny, Beth.

What's wrong with disrespecting Tinnu Anand. Goodness, he's tortured us enough to deserve some.
Anonymous said…
nahiiiiiiiiiiin! :-) not the LOLcat thing!

just remember it is only really tolerable in very small amounts.
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Unknown said…
Hi Beth

My comment really doesn't fit in here.

i saw Aaja Naachley on DVD on the weekend and remembered you coz the surprise package for me was ur fav Akshay Khanna in a small role.

I actually was looking forward to seeing him more as the movie progressed. What impresses me about the guy is his class and charm.

He seems to have put on some weight in this movie though!

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Hi Meera - No problem! Nice comments about Akshaye are always welcome. I have seen a clip of his role but still haven't seen the whole movie yet - it's on my list. What did you think of the moive?
Unknown said…
A oneline story - some good acting by Konkona, Kunal Kapoor and Madhuri.

Seems to be a low budget Yashraj movie ie it is obvious the whole movie has been shot in Yashraj Studios with some scenes of real small towns interspersed in between.

On the whole a time pass movie. Can watch it on DVD.

For me the highlight was Askhay Khanna's cool acting - pity his role is quite small!


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