in which Sanni makes a good point about Akshaye's curious choices

...and includes cute screen caps from Doli Saja Ke Rakhna. Though not the point of the post, the question of how someone so choosy could choose so strangely is a good one. Of the recent projects I've seen him in, usually the role itself strikes me as unappealing (Aap Ki Khatir, Shaadi Se Pehle) or the role is okay but the film overall just doesn't quite work (Salaam-e-Ishq, Gandhi My Father, 36 China Town). Le sigh. Fingers crossed for Race, which will be showing in Champaign four days after I get back. Yippee!


AD said…
Well given that new hairpiece he's sporting he's off to a good start. And I'm being completely sincere here.
I'm feeling very shallow about it all, quite honestly. I just hope the movie is decent.
Banno said…
I'll see Race too in the next couple of days. I feel the same about Akshaye. Have always loved his face, but come out disappointed from most of his films. Liked him in 'Dil Chaahta Hai'.
As of right now, The one big issue I am seeing w/ Race is that it appears similar to Tashan- same actors, similar styling- oherwise, Abbas Mastan tend to do a good job usually. How Akshay redeems himself has to be seen- I honestly dont think he reads scripts- why else would the same man have signed Aap Ki Khatir and Shadi ke pehle ? :)
veracious said…
I tend to appreciate the "okay movie, awesome Akshaye!" picks, like 36 China Town and Salaam-e-Ishq (I loved his character in the latter and he had me in splits in the former!). But there are about a million films of his I don't want to touch. At all. Possibly ever.

Which is a shame because somehow, some odd way, even with the million ridiculous hair pieces, this guy is still in my top 10. How does he do it; I'm not sure even he knows. :/
Banno - Yes yes yes.

Shweta - It does, doesn't it? I'm still super excited to see it, especially as I think I can take my Saif- and horse-obsessed friend, who is the ultimate viewing companion for something like this. Akshaye's redemption is a curious question indeed.

Sanni - Those most certainly have an appeal. I actually kinda like 36 China Town - well, not even kinda, I just full-on like it, especially for his droll deadpan demeanor - and his character in Salaam-e-Ishq is also enjoyable. But most of the rest of SEI...gak.

He is a mystery. Wrapped in an enigma. With a hairpiece made of riddles. Sigh. It's like the stink doesn't stick, I guess because he seems to do a very good job most of the time (at least relative to the rest of what's going on in any given movie).

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