A memo from the "too good to be true" files?

Alert reader Joyce sent me a website from iTalkies offering free DVD rentals. Forever. Does anyone know anything about this or how it might work? Here's the CEO's blog post about the idea. The comments on the blog are pretty funny and sum up my own sense: how on earth is this sustainable? And why does it sound so dodgy?

I am very much in favor of more legitimate avenues for accessing Indian movies (by which I mean completely legal, the filmmakers/musicians/actors/distributors/rights holders are compensated for their works and product, no file sharing, no pirating, no hosting of videos, etc. - this whole "I should be able to watch movies for free" attitude is ridiculous), but this one puzzles me. Then again, I stayed as far away from possible from the business school in college, so what do I know?

There's a (so far) small conversation rolling on Bollywhat.


They only way this thing can be completely free, is that there are maybe 10 million advrtisements tacked onto the DVD/VCD. Or maybe I'm just skeptical?!
Gosh there was so much to say to you that I decided to jump over and leave a "comment" :D Yes we do appear to have a lot in common, and that is so good- SOMEONE who gets my love of Akshay and dislike of Tanisha! :D

I LOVE Akshay- my love for him is only rivalled by my love for Abhay Deol (Dont Laugh- but he is sweet)- in the older generation, it is Vinod Khanna, Shashi and Firoz Khan (ooh- he was cute in the 60s- see his "Apradh")!!!

The old Baazi (Dev Anand) comes to mind when talking about classic Bolly noir. I'm posting that up this weekend.

That Band Bang song is a fav of me and my sister- I didnt know other folks called it DD lovingly too!
my post for "Dance Dance" is ready- just awaiting screencaps-and I refer to the older movie as DD all over the place! (I'm not plagarising- honest!)

Bomarillu isnt a cinematic masterpiece- but its got that undefinable ethereal somthing- I am still astounded I liked it.

This isnt a comment on a blog- it is a post in itself! :O
You gave a Ray-lover Disco Dancer???!!!!:O
rofl rofl - I'm at wk and so trying to control myself from dying laughing....I cannot imagine the state of your boss's mind - trying to reconcile with the madness of DD!!!:D

Try "Honeymoon Travels"- it has a reasonable amount of Abhay Deol, and lots of good acting by Shabana and Boman (and the others are cool too)- having identified you as a kindred spirit, I haave a hunch u will like it!

Hadnt been to teleport for a while- but I have them in my favs now...

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