boys who wear glasses

SRK's look of the decade?

Thanks, Times of India!

Bespectacled and reading. Damn. Soooo much better than bulgy neck, bangs in eyes, and strategically ripped t-shirt things.


babasko said…
no no no. bangs in eyes = veeeeery good. long fluffy hair = veeeery better

.. if only he would start to eat again. he´s become way to thin for my taste. i feel a strong urge to feed him with laddoos...
Miss Bolly said…
Totally sexier. He's going to age so nicely...
useless fellow said…
Check his new look in Om Shanti Om...With biceps and Six pack...And a new hair style!!!
I think I'm in love.

Babasko - it's a wonder you and I ever agree on anyone.

Miss Bolly - right on!

Mr. Imperfect - I saw that, and it's a little frightening, isn't it?

CS - I know, right? Swoon.

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