Public service announcement: if you are not doing so already, please read MemsaabStory and The Post-Punk Cinema Club. I've had the good fortune to encounter them recently and think they're totally superwow.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.


Hey, got a plug, yeehaw! Thanks!
norallav said…
Duly noted since the time the links appeared on your blog-roll. I love them both already (along with Bethlovesbollywood and a handful of others) and I am so thrilled to see such kindred spirits on the web! Am wondering if it means that a) I should join this superwow community and blog myself, or b) nah, there's so many great blogs out there already saying everything I feel, but doing it better than I could, why bother?

You Bollywood bloggers are the reason I pay my Internet bill. Jeeti raho, all of you!


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