research question #4

Our friend Jo at Ganesha has just informed me that she has secured an interview slot with one Mr. Shahrukh Khan at the Chak De India festivities in London. She has graciously invited questions from readers of this very blog. away - maybe your words will fall upon the eyebrows nose ears!

Jo, if you're at a loss for words, you could always tell him about Mini Khan...or would that be creepy as hell? It's a fine line, really.


Now that I've written the post, I've thought of a proper question. The movie seems like it will have such great, strong roles for women, especially young women/girls. I wonder what he thinks of the girls' characters/roles in the movie and how they compare to typical roles for women in popular Hindi films (or any kind of popular Indian films).
Anonymous said…
yeah, ask him if he is willing to host minikhan and if minikhan will visit him what he will show him :)
Maja said…
Eek, I'd be far too nervous for anything like this ... Can't think of any good questions either, at least not until I've seen the movie, but I suppose she could always ask if/when he's planning another tour :) Go Jo go Jo!
Steven Baker said…
Hello Beth!

I'm glad you like my work. I love your blog. Must stop by more often now that I have discovered it.

Hello Jo@Ganesha!

Gosh- what an exciting opportunity, interviewing Shah Rukh at the release of 'Chak De! India'.

As a journalist in Hindi film, I have interviewed many people connected to Shah Rukh for various articles that I have written.

I interviewed a number of his foreign co-stars who had appeared in SRK films, as well as acting teacher Barry John- who I was lucky enough to also study with, and most recently Anu Chopra.

My question is- would Shah Rukh be interested in conducting an interview for my next feature? It is a very exciting project related to SRK and Delhi.



I can be contacted at:
Ashley said…
I have two questions: 1) I want to know if Shah Rukh would be willing to come to Austin, Texas for a screening of one of his films at the Alamo Drafthouse. I am sure it could be arranged.

2) Which Mumbai coffee does he recommend, Cafe Coffee Day or Barista?
Miss Bolly said…
Man, I would kill for this kind of chance...and then I'd probably get all flustered and after several moments of wide-eyed simpering suddenly shout, "I LOVE YOUR HAIR." And then poor SRK would probably be freaked out and get a restraining order against me. And wouldn't that be fun?

I can't think of any good questions at the moment.

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