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1) Today I went to my local Indian grocery store in search of Shashi Kapoor movies, and the nice owner even offered to let me search his database if I had titles in mind (I didn't, other than Junoon, which he doesn't have). The down side of this story is that because I was going in to work this afternoon and needed cheering, I decided to wear my "I'm famous in Bollywood" t-shirt (a gift from my BFF). So I pull up to the grocery store and then realize what a moron I look like, so I had to do all my browsing with my arms crossed. Classy.

2) I got an update from Jo of Ganesha about her chat with SRK (first mentioned here)

So, we met King Khan yesterday. He’s small + sweet and quite human really - if not more pussycat than tiger! I thought I would be too too terrified, but actually, I was in a state of zen calm. When the presenter invited us to get a bit closer, I even managed a bit of cheek + asked "how close are we allowed?" Despite the cheek + the moment where we were all giggling like girls, Shah Rukh was very sweet to us, quite formal + gracious. He pretended to be impressed by our very bad Hindi, which the presenter made us do, like a pushy parent at a party ("look what the kids have learnt!") and he raised a sceptical eyebrow when we told him Hindi films are educational. I asked him a question about where he sees Indian cinema in 5 years and he looked at me as he spoke. At this point, I began to feel slightly, uh, swoony. He has the most amazing eyes - a sort of liquid amber, like cognac or something. They are mesmerising. I could feel my critical faculties ebbing away as they were directed at me. My friend then managed to put her arm around Him and have a feel of His midriff at the last minute group photo. Can you believe it?! She says there’s a definite naughty benefit to being a more mature woman. I gather he was very firm, and there was nothing spare. (I would like to feed him aloo paratha though). Soon we were out of the door, but our mission was accomplished and we were happy (and quite high!) I am sorry I couldn't ask any other questions, btw - we'll have to start on a next time, no?!

3) Mini Khan is about to leave me to begin his adventure. You can see what we did today over at Bollywoodbloggers.

4) Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is on in the background and I just saw the angels sneak into a warehouse of stolen goods disguised as a sculptural frieze. That makes me much less delighted with the similar scene in Dhoom 2.


Maja said…
Love that t-shirt!
Teehee, I started feeling a bit giddy just reading Jo's report. Does she have any pictures? We demand pictures! Especially of the midriff-grabbing incident.
--Sunrise-- said…
Sigh... I had a dream about SRK just now (I woke up just now.. lol.)!

Yeah.. am echoing Maja's thoughts.. love that t-shirt! :)
U Shah said…
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U Shah said…
Beth, check out this company called Chor Bazaar. They have a couple a of tasteful bollywood shirts. http://www.cbaz.com
hey dj - I usually delete comments that are simply ads with no other content, but yours is actually related to the post, and you seem to be a new company, so I'll let it go this time. Plus I like your stuff. :)
U Shah said…
Thanks for the comment. We are a tiny "Indie", India related shop that is trying to portray India the right way. Thanks for letting us post here. Keep up the great work!
dgpat said…
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