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Bollywood or not, I luuuuuurve Monsoon Wedding. It's one of my favorite movies of any type, any language, any story, any whatever. Now I'm in desperate need of the text of the lyrics to "Mehndi / Madhorama Pencha" - I'm in a women's choir that does music from around the world and we'd really love to arrange that piece for our group. I loaned my director the movie awhile ago and she fell in love with the song too. If you can help, you can put them in the the comments of this post, email me (bethlovesbollywood at gmail dot com), or post them on the BollyWHAT lyrics forum here. If the song is in Hindi, which I'm not sure of, you can send the lyrics in Devanagari, even, and I'll work through them slowly but surely.


Maja said…
I don't have the lyrics, but I just wanted to add my love for Monsoon Wedding to this post!
ggop said…
I mailed an approximation to you.
Hope it helps, do play the song and get the right word wherever I have expressed doubt.
Pri said…
yeah im no help with the lyrics either but i heart that movie so much.
*rahul idiot* sigh!
and that dubey fellow
and shashi aunty
and the music
and the humour
and the english
dna said…
song #14 on the list over here:

in case you haven't already found it! oh, and it's in devanagari, btw.
methodactor said…
Hi Beth, I loved Monsoon Wedding too.Did you find them lyrics?

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