Now that's what I call Shashilicious!

"It Takes All Kinds to Make 70s Bollywood Leading Men" By Nina Patel on EGO Magazine. Yes, yes, a zillion times yes. She nailed it. That is exactly what I'm looking for in a FPMBF. Official regime change may soon be underway....

Aside: I've only seen Feroz Khan in recent pictures. He's got quite the pretty/pouty/threatening thing going on there. And great hair.


AD said…
Not to mention Feroz Khan had a flagrant disregard for enunciating Hindi - in a most amusing way. Kind of like how one of my favorite actors Christopher Walken mauls the English language every time he speaks.
F. Zehra Rizvi said…
Not many write about this but I am sure that will be rectified soon enough but in terms of all the homoeroticism in Bollywood films, the best on screen couple of the 70's is actually, Amitabh and Shashi. Perfect foils for each of hard and soft, light and dark, short and tall, and just all around, a great looking couple.

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